Wastewater analysis,
It is the power to anticipate

Our epidemiological surveillance solutions provide concrete answers on the emergence of an epidemic at the local level for communities and medical institutions. This expertise allows the management of the risk and the implementation of action plans and appropriate measures: prevention, vaccination campaign, etc.

We also implement solutions to support you in optimizing your wastewater treatment plants throughout your procedures.

Solutions for the public good

Epidemiological surveillance

Massive and non-invasive health monitoring of pathogens (Norovirus, SARS-Cov-2, seasonal influenza, etc.) in wastewater.

Optimization of water treatment centres

Optimization of biological remediation reactors:

  • Monitoring of total biomass
  • Monitoring filamentous bacteria
  • Process optimization

State-of-the-art solutions for the general public

  • Communities
  • Sanitation services
  • Ministry of Health
  • Water Boards

Multi-scale monitoring

Epidemiological surveillance

At the scale of a city: sampling in a wastewater treatment plant (entry and exit)

At the neighbourhood level: networked sampling

At the scale of a building: sampling at the outlet of the collector

Optimization of water treatment centers

Throughout the remediation procedure

Our expertise for everyone’s well-being

Epidemiological surveillance:

Warning health authorities about epidemic risks

Build a sample bank to characterize and date disease outbreaks

Evaluate health protection methods

Optimization of water treatment centers:

Control and reduce the addition of chemical treatments

Reduce energy consumption

Reducing environmental impact

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