Safe swimming

The prevention of the risk to the health of bathers related to contamination of the waters by pathogens is essential.

We provide a fast and effective solution to control the quality of bathing water (sea, fresh, ocean…).

Detecting pathogens to anticipate risks

The diagnosis of pathogens: Enterococci, E. coli, Cyanobacteria, fecal coliforms, viruses etc …

For bathing places that welcome the public (to be reviewed because false)

  • Community
  • Outdoor hospitality
  • Regional Health Agency (ARS)
  • EMS (medico-social establishment)
  • Thalassotherapy

A seasonal follow-up for your well-being and that of your customers

During the summer periods for outdoor bathing waters and all year round in warm waters (spring, spa). We accompany you whatever the type of water:

  • Salt and fresh water
  • Swimming pool
  • River

Fast and cost-effective results

The speed of generating results less than 24 hours

Multiplexing (multiple pathogen analysis) for complete monitoring at no additional cost

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