An innovative approach to nature

The agroecological transition involves the use of bioinputs classified into 3 categories: biofertilizers (impact on the soil), biostimulants (plant growth), biocontrols (plant protection).

In order to overcome the lack of tools to manage the use of these bioinputs, we have developed different diagnoses that characterize their impact and positioning on the plots.

Detect, experiment, control

  • Develop methods for quantifying specific strains
  • Follow the microorganisms used in biostimulation, biofertilization, biocontrol (soil, root, plant, endophytism …)
  • Early diagnosis of plant pathogens (Pyricularia oryzae) and pests

Analytical methods for all agricultural professionals

  • Industrial producer of bioinputs
  • Agricultural trader
  • Experimental Station
  • Agricultural cooperative
  • Farmer

From bioinput design to crops

  • In the soil
  • On the plant, fruit and vegetable
  • During R&D development in the laboratory
  • At the time of preparation of the registration dossier for micro-organism-like active substances
  • During greenhouse or field efficacy trials

Stay ahead of tomorrow’s expectations

Monitor the persistence of microorganisms used in bioinputs to better assess their effectiveness in fields.

Quantify the impact of plant protection products directly on targeted plant pathogens rather than on the disease through symptom assessment

Identify phytopathogens early to best position bioinputs, and favor the preventive application of biocontrol products.

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