Agronomy: for a controlled agroecological transition

In agronomy, risk management involves studying weather conditions to determine when, for example, to apply phytosanitary treatments.

We want to bring a new quantitative data which is the data of the living to manage the risks in an effective way.

If we know the process, we can master it and thus optimize the method.

IAGE uses state-of-the-art techniques from sampling to sample processing. We provide innovative solutions to meet a wide range of your requests.

Our analysis methods are integrated into technical itineraries so that the data generated can be valued.

You thus obtain your data at each of the key stages to make relevant decisions and allow security from production to product distribution.

Our analysis methods allow a better knowledge of the state of its soil, its field (orchard, vine …) is essential to control its production and preserve the environment.

Our ambition is to provide the most complete solutions to your problems