Anticipating the risks of contamination

We offer to monitor environmental contaminants (bacteria, viruses, plankton …) in your aquaculture ponds that have an impact on your turnover and on the health of the consumer.

Risk management assistance is provided to anticipate incidents throughout the production of your shellfish, crustaceans and fish.

Your production basins always under control

  • Health monitoring of production basins (Norovirus, toxic plankton, etc.) likely to make shellfish, crustaceans unfit for consumption
  • Monitoring of fish ponds (E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter…)
  • Varietal and genetic selection analyses in fish
  • Monitoring of two genotypes of Norovirus (GI/GII) as well as three main toxic plankton (Dinophisis, Alexandrium…) in oysters
  • Monitoring of diseases such as pathogen complexes (Vibrio, Herpes virus…) causing significant mortality in shellfish herds

Analytical methods for all professionals in the aquaculture sector

  • Shellfish farmer
  • Aquaculturist
  • Hatchery (production of larvae fish, seafood and shellfish)
  • Buyer/Distributor

Freshwater, saltwater, fish, shellfish and crustaceans

Our field of intervention is at all stages of the aquaculture sector: from hatcheries to adult farms.

We recommend regular monitoring of environments throughout the year with particular attention to periods of risk or high production density.

We can detect pathogens at all stages of production: breeding, fining, growing, harvesting, storage, shipping.

Make health risk control a priority

Securing production (avoid production losses, batch recalls, etc.)

Securing shipments

Improvement of the product quality charter

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