A preserved arboriculture

The arboreal sector is strongly impacted by various pathogens that devastate crops.

IAGE offers to characterize and quantify pathogens reliably and accurately from your orchards to your storage locations, before the first symptoms of diseases appear.

What can you detect?

We can track a number of
microorganisms and arboreal diseases,
like scab, Penicillium,
Phytophtora, ramulariosis, Colletotrichum

Analytical methods for all actors in the arboricultural sector

  • Arboriculture
  • Cooperative
  • Technical Institute
  • Storage station
  • Wholesaler

Detect on a daily basis

Detection can be done from a large number of arrays:

  • Orchard on fresh leaf litter, soil …
  • Fruit (flesh, skin, symptom zone…)
  • Liquid (rinsing water for transport buckets and paloxs, grader water, etc.)
  • Equipment (storage, orchard tool, refrigeration room …)

Diagnostic follow-up throughout the year

  • At the fall of the leaves to quantify the residual inoculum in the orchard.
  • At the time of major risks of spore projection to adjust treatments according to the actual pressure of pathogens.
  • During the field cultivation phase to check the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments.
  • Just before harvest and storage to anticipate fruit preservation diseases and adapt conservation treatments.

Let’s be ambitious, let’s remain vigilant

Improve technical routes by quantifying primary inocula

Integrate the results into a tailor-made ADO (Decision Support Tool)

Identify contaminated fruit batches to optimize stock rotations

To eliminate phytosanitary treatments in advance

Optimizing the effectiveness of alternative treatment methods

Assist in obtaining certifications and labels

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