Soil health as a source of life

Agronomy has long considered the soil as a support for crops of interest. Research on microorganisms interacting with plants has shown their essential roles in crop growth and protection.

In order to better understand the biological functioning of soils, we offer different diagnoses of the endemic microflora of the earth, whether beneficial or pathogenic.

Microflora, macro serenity

  • Pathogenic microflora:

Early detection before sowing of soil pathogens (Aphanomyces, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia…)

  • Beneficial microflora:

Total quantification and bacteria/fungus ratio

Quantification of species of agronomic interest (Bacillus, Rhizobium, Pseudomonas…)

Analytical methods for all land-related actors

  • Industrial producer of bioinputs
  • Agricultural trader
  • Experimental Station
  • Agricultural cooperative
  • Soil Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Farmer

Diagnostics whatever the seasons

  • Diagnosis of the level of infection of plots with land-based phytopathogens
  • After treatment with biofertilizers and/or implementation of cultivation practices for soil management

Our expertise, your benefits

Have a quick response on the presence of terrestrial phytopathogens on the plots to pilot the crop rotation plan

Assess the impact of biofertilizers and/or soil management methods on endemic soil microflora

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